We have been meeting as a church family since 2010. Praise the Lord!


How can we help you?

This is the question people in organic house church ask one another, and this is the question we ask you. We come to organic church to serve and equip one another, to empower us to do the things God has directed us to do. It is a lifestyle, one that is directed by Jesus Christ.

I am searching for solutions to life problems

Many of us in the organic church have had past problems with relationships, marriages, addiction and health. For us the solution to our problems was found in a life changing relationship with the living God. Jesus Christ offers us that relationship and he alone guides us into all truth. Through Jesus, we have found abundant life and freedom from the things that used to control our lives.

I want to become active in the things God has placed in my heart.

We turned to an organic church life to be active in the ministry God placed in our hearts. We have found a place where we are encouraged, equipped and empowered to serve.

I want authentic relationships with other believers

This is the cry we hear most often from the people we speak with who are looking into organic church. We too desire the same thing and this has motivated us to start meeting in gatherings that are based on authentic relationships. We found our common ground to be a unity in faith and spirit.